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Juli 2016

NOZ Huel Artikel 19.07.2016

NOZ Artikel 19.07.2016

Mai 2016

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Men's Health Soylent-Huel Artikel1

Men's Health Soylent-Huel Artikel2

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März 2016

Coach Magazine - 2. März 2016
Is Huel the Future of Food?

Februar 2016

Telegraph - 9. Februar 2016
Is powdered food the future? Huel put to the test

Januar 2016

Forbes - 11. Januar 2016
How To Hack Your Brain Using Technology And Make Your 2016 Awesome

Dezember 2015

Guardian - 17. Dezember 2015
Is powdered food an eco-dream or just weird?

November 2015

CNN Live News - 13. November 2015
Can powdered food replace real food? (Klicke auf das Video, um es zu starten)

September 2015

Metro - 9. September 2015
You can earn £35,000 by not eating anything (except beige liquid) for a year

Healthy Food Guide - September 2015
Are powdered supplements a healthy substitute for food?

Daily Mail - 27. August 2015
The great VAT mystery: Confusing rules mean healthy items such as raisins have food tax while chocolate cake does not (but do YOU know which ones have added cost?)


Men's Fitness - September 2015 Printausgabe
Is this the future of food?


Your Healthy Living - August-Edition 2015 (Printausgabe)
Meal skipping becoming more common


Juli 2015

International Business Times - 14. Juli 2015
Living on liquid meals Ambronite, Huel and Soylent - the future of food or a forgettable fad? (Klicke auf das Video, um es zu starten)


BBC Radio 4 "You and Yours" consumer affairs programme - 10. Juli 2015


Juni 2015

The Times - 29. Juni
Vegan shake that promises to replace meals for ever

The Mail on Sunday - 28. Juni
The 'Matrix diet': British investor creates sci-fi-style superfood... just drink four pints a day and you need consume nothing else

Red - 26. Juni
Is this what the future of food looks like?

The Drinks Business - 24. Juni
Is powder the future of Food?


Cycling Weekly - 23. Juni
Tired of eating real food? Huel claims to provide nutritionally-complete powder - 23. Juni
Huel launches powdered food to replace diets as we know them - 23. Juni
This powder could replace food and provide 100% of an adult's daily nutrients


The Grocer - 23. Juni
'Nutritionally complete' powder can replace food, says entrepreneur - 23. Juni
Nutritionally-complete powder launches on UK market - 23. Juni
Soylent Has Competition and the Marketing Is Gonna Get Weird



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