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Kyco – Quelle: E-Mail

"Ich habe Huel in den letzten 2 Wochen recht regelmäßig 1-3 mal am Tag konsumiert. Es schmeckt auf jeden Fall immer noch und man hat auch ein gutes Körpergefühl nach dem Verzehr. Ich werde es auf jeden Fall auch weiterhin gern trinken & weiterempfehlen."

Philipp – Quelle: Anmerkungsfenster bei der Bestellung

"Schon seit Monaten überlege ich, wie ich mich gesünder ernähre, alle Nährstoffe gleichzeitig zu mir nehme und das mit nicht nur 1x täglichem Essen – alles, obwohl ich ein absolut kochunfähiger Mensch bin. Das Ganze dann auch noch vegan – ich wünsche mir, dass ihr euch gut entwickelt und am Markt bleibt."

Roland – Quelle: Öffentlicher Facebook-Post

"Ich nehme seit Mitte August Huel als Ersatz für Mahlzeiten, wie Frühstück und Abendessen (Mittags esse ich "normal", aber meist fleischlos). Die ersten 3 Tage hatte ich ziemlich starken Hunger und musste mich sehr beherrschen, nicht irgendwas zu "naschen". Dann aber konnte ich feststellen, dass das Hungergefühl nachließ und ich eigentlich gar keinen Heißhunger mehr hatte (wie ich das früher meist am Vormittag hatte und mich oft dazu brachte Mittags zu viel zu essen) . Huel_DE hat meinen Appetit sehr positiv reguliert. Auch war das oftmalige Gefühl der Aufgeblähtheit und das Völlegefühl durch die "normale" Ernährung praktisch nicht mehr vorhandenl. Die Hose wurde weiter. Gewogen habe ich mich noch nicht, weiß jedoch, dass ich zuletzt vor Huel 89 kg wog. Ich werde mich erst in ca. 2 Wochen wiegen, um den Unterschied zu sehen. Feststellen konnte ich ebenfalls, dass das Körpergewebe weniger aufgeschwemmt ist und ich mich insgesamt wohler fühle. Auch habe ich das Gefühl dass es mir an nichts fehlt. Derzeit vertilge ich noch die Reste mit Vanillegeschmack – wobei ich hier noch etwas Apfel und zarte Haferflocken dazugebe, da das Vanillearome sehr intensiv für meinen Geschmack ist. Die zweite Bestellung habe ich bereits getätigt, diesmal Huel_DE ohne Geschmack, ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass mir das geschmacklich sogar besser zusagt, außerdem kann ich mir das auch mal "deftig" machen (Kräuter und Gewürze hinzugeben. Einen Tipp habe ich auch: Vanille-Huel und etwas Ingwer dazu ist eine nette Sache (mit wenig Ingwer beginnen, da der Geschmack außerordentlich intensiv sein kann ;) )"

Caleb – Source: Huel Forum

"I am shocked at how effective this Huel is!

Normally I will snack after a three course meal, calories be d*mned! I'm 6'1" and go up and down (mainly belly). Half the year I follow a raw food diet.

No snacking/craving. This is the first shocker. I'm a grazer, and I was 'literally' anxious about not having my crisps and sweets near to hand. It is a weird feeling to get to lunchtime not having ONCE thought about eating!

Taste. Shocker two. I love it. I've only tried the vanilla so far, but my next order is on its way with some huel flavour sachet things. It's easy on the palate. As they say on the site, it tastes smoother blended, and when I've left it overnight it tastes great out of the fridge.

This morning I had to get up earlier than usual and I was feeling sorry for myself, so I made my drink with 1 part cold water then added 3 parts near boiling, i didn't use the blender because it was early (mine makes a racket), so it wasn't as smooth as normal, but it had a very comforting taste and consistency. I normally have breakfast at work, but this was so quick I'll be doing that from now on. It meant I got more work done, too.

I have never worried about calories or scales – I go by the notches on my belt. I don't know if you need to worry about weighing the powder, etc, unless you are on a controlled diet. (I don't normally ask about calories at the chip shop or local Chinese :smile: ) I just bang in 3 scoops and that works for me. I've added pumpkin seeds, which is amazing, and I bought some bananas today to try. I'll just add a bit less powder and figure it out as I go along. So, I ordered my month's supply after the second day trying my first weekly packet. I used the 10% saving to get flavours and whatnot.

Today – tadaaa! – I wore some trousers I haven't been able to get into for several months. This is less than a week in on huel. The main thing seems to be it kills your snacking, so none of those rubbish calories. It's so easy to make, you literally don't have time to make a bad food choice at home (or out, if you take it with you). As a result you end up buying less food, so there's less temptation!

So, I'm a convert. I thought it was a weird idea at first. I eat raw food because I know it's good, but I always fall off the wagon after a few months because of the time and effort. Near work there is nowhere good to eat lunch that is cheap enough to use regularly. So, I'd say try it for yourself. You'll be shocked too!"

Martin Crutchley – Source: Huel Forum

"Huel is an ideal solution as my relationship with food is basically as a fuel source and the objective is to get it down me as fast as possible. I have spent 3 days thus far on Huel and I'm already feeling full."

Richie – Source: Huel Forum

"I am still using Huel at 300-400g daily and it is working perfectly. I love this stuff and couldn't be without it now. Awesome product guys."

ElMerlo – Source: Huel Forum

"A great "thank you" to the Huel staff for their creation and for their customer care service: one of the best I experienced, ever."

Cchallis – Source: Huel Forum

"I wanted to say the ordering and delivery process was superb; simple, good communication and swift delivery. Couldn't ask for more."

David Lane - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"As a whole I don't like to do product recommendations, but as a new product that fills a niche in the market this is slightly different. For example, as a vegetarian who occasionally goes to festivals I've struggled to find decent food and in any case festival food is expensive. Huel makes it possible to eat healthily, cheaply and without having to pack a stove and 10Kg of cans."

Marek Bartoszak – Source: Customer feedback survey

"It is not only healthiest option in the market at the moment but it is very efficient, saving time and money as well, and I see much more improvement when I started to going to gym after few years break, and don`t have to buy any proteins etc, just this food and the results are amazing. Thank you very much for this food."

Charles Grant – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"I have been really pleased with the product itself (taste, satiety etc.), but the customer service and overall presentation round off the excellent product to a tee. Definitely delivers on all fronts and shall be repeat purchasing and recommending to friends. Thanks!"

Andrew Kennedy – Source: Customer feedback survey

"Very good taste, very satiated. Allows me to mange my type 1 diabetes very well while having a decent amount of carbs. Whereas before I had to very low carb. I can now hopefully get back to training harder and building muscle again."

David Thomas – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"I work away from home during the week, and often have very busy days where my diet would likely suffer. Huel is perfect for me. I get all the nutrients I need, in a format I can take anywhere with me. Why *wouldn't* I recommend it!?"


Nick Warren – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"As in my busy work life was becoming ill from lacking good calories and two weeks in feel amazing and have the energy to work, train, teach classes and not worry about missing vital nutrients that I was with the amount I put my body through. Couldn't be more thankful for such a great product"

David Graham – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"Does what it says, excellent meal replacement for people on the go. Found it especially convenient when racing mountain bikes."

A A Al Farra – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"Because Huel is exactly what a lot of us need. It is a solution for many problems such as unhealthy snacks, lack of time to make proper food, and find a meal that is a fully nutrition packed (especially fibers and vitamins)"

Stewart Davidson – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"Does what I need it to, namely free up my lunch hour for other things and doesn't leave me feeling hungry."

Aaron Fisher – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"Good tasting product that fills me up, stopping me from snacking, and as I am on the move a lot, reassures me that I am consuming something of nutritional value."

Tom Atkinson – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"I am truck driver and it is so easy to eat junk food. With Huel it is so easy I take 2 shakers to work 1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch. Great product."

Zander Baldwin – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"I've never felt better... Well, that I remember. I'm sure I was pretty content with everything when I was about 2. Ah, those were the days!"

Adrian Bennett – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"It's easy, tasty, convenient and just fantastic. I get so much more done with Huel in my diet!"

Sunjay Parmar – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"Great for busy working colleagues. It can be difficult to get all the micro/macronutrients whilst working difficult shifts, i.e. going to the shops etc. I've recommended it to everyone!"

Lydia Critchley – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"I love Huel and would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of product."

Maris Doniks – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"Its a great product, its vegan, it makes my life easier. I'm bodybuilder and working 9-5 does not really allow me to have full meals whenever I actually need it. Blend Huel with couple bananas and you get a tasty and filling second breakfast, nice and easy. :)"

Karim Hamouda – Source: Customer Feedback Survey

"I’m very impressed with the product. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and was not sure what to expect.
After the 1st week of using it as my breakfast and lunch I found tat my energy levels had gone up and even my gym sessions had improved."

Karl Drinkwater – Source: Caredig I Natur blog

"Most people expected to dislike it, but the reality proved different: they all really liked it. A mixture of the convenience and the surprisingly nice vanilla flavour helped win people over."

Sunsetandlabrea –  Source: Reddit

"I've been trying Huel out now for about a week now, so I thought I would leave a review as I haven't seen any others yet. I'm comparing Huel to Joylent and Queal as those are the powdered meals I have direct experience of. I'm based in the UK.

Delivery was good, I got a dispatch notice the same day of ordering and the box arrived three days later. As an early customer I got a free t-shirt and shaker. I ordered a weeks worth, and it came it two large 1.74kg bags. Branding and packaging all looked great.

It is a very finely ground powder, more so I think than both Queal and Joylent. It theoretically should mix well but that is made some what more difficult by how much water is needed. Huel suggests four meals a day, and I think the reason for that is they also suggest 4 parts water to 1 part huel. I generally have a powdered meal twice a day with 150g for each meal. 150g + 600ml of water fills of all the shakers I have. You really need additional space to shake and mix it properly. Any less water than that and it is really, really thick and you'll need to eat it with a spoon. It would be much easier with a blender. It doesn't seem to thicken any more after preparing, unlike Joylent which thickens overnight. If you can mix it well the texture is very good.

I feel quite full after eating, because of the increase of water. I'm hungry though in roughly the same time as Joylent / Queal – which isn't entirely surprising as it roughly the same calories.

If you prepare it and drink straight away it is very sweet, probably too sweet. My wife, who drinks mostly Joylent, didn't really like it. It also has a slight after taste (either the pea or brown rice protein I'm guessing). Left overnight the taste improves and the after taste does slightly too. It only comes in a vanilla flavour.

Protein is a little high for my liking, I think I'd like to see that reduced and both carbohydrates and fats increased to compensate for the calories."

Laura – Source: email

"Hi Huel

I don’t ever write to companies but am making an exception for you.

I work for an NGO. I spend half my life in sub saharan slums, spending time with young girls to figure out how we can best help them help themselves.

Access to healthy food that doesn’t make me sick is hard to come by.

Im on first name terms with the doctors at the London hospital for tropical disease. They are constantly reminding me, only half jokingly to ‘stop drinking out of african puddles’.

This time I took their advice and bought Huel.

Last week I’ve travelled round the depths of northern Ethiopia and now I’m doing the same in Rwanda, fuelled by Huel and its been a revelation.

Im not sick!! I actually feel good.

So thank you.

The doctors as the tropical hospital are gonna miss me.


Iain Connor – Source: email

"Huel being complete nutrition (& very convenient- especially with my job) so fits in perfectly for me, providing a balance of the nutrients I require for fuel and repair without the additional calories and fat gain from a traditional strength athlete 'eat whatever ' diet. I don't want to be one of those bloated powerlifters, I would rather look like an athlete!"

Frenchfaso – Source: twitter

"Did you know @gethuel ? Delicious, reminds me of Sicilian almond milk!"

Paul Burgess - Facebook

"I was dubious before I started using Huel. Now I can't sing it's praises enough! I use it as a super easy / convenient way to have 2 extra meals a day. It's well balanced and has everything you could want from a meal. Props to Huel!"

@JJMCLARK – Twitter

"Day 32 on Huel – can't believe how easy this has been. Feel so much better about myself. Can't thank Huel enough."

Nick Lawrence – Email

"I just wanted to drop you an email to say that I think Huel is great. I'm a bad eater – I often skip meals, and Huel is great for those times. It's great that it contains all of the nutrients that the body needs and I use it for meal replacements. Despite some others saying it doesn't taste nice, I think it does. Thank you for producing such a good product!"


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